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For Loading Trucks and Freight Cars
Side Shift

*Allows left/right fork movement while the truck stays stationary, increasing loading efficiency
Side shift allows quick and accurate control of the fork, and a finger bar allows the fork to move horizontally without the need to change vehicle position. Operation time is reduced with the reduction of unnecessary forklift movement, thereby also reducing accidental collisions.
Reach Fork

*Easy-handling of 2-row or inner loading
Space is often limited when loading freight cars and trucks, making side-loading a necessity. But with reach forkfs arm-extender function, the fork can be pushed forward, enabling the operator to load from one side or gain access to inner area without the use of a long fork.
For Loading Various Types of Pallets
Hydraulic Fork Positioners

*Simple fork movement control that helps increases operator efficiency
Stability is crucial in cargo loading. Fork gap space must be adjusted according to pallet type and size. The larger the pallet, the heavier the fork and the more effort it would take to switch and install. With the hydraulic fork positioners, the fork gap space can be adjusted right from the lever at the driver seat, making its operation more effective.
For Loading that Requires Clamping
Fork Clamp

*Making clamp and pallet operations easy
The fork clamp is designed for both clamp and pallet operations and is flexible with either clamping packaged or freight or pallet carriage. Its fork-shaped arms can handle two cargos at once, eliminating the need to switch the fork or attachments. Fork space can be adjusted right from the driver seat, making it even easier to operate.
Bell Clamp

*Firm clamping for quick and easy packaged freight carriage
Equipped with two large arms for firm carriage or products such as raw cotton, cloth and used paper, the Bell Clamp helps reduce operating procedures and expense while increasing speed and efficiency. Especially designed for packaged freight of large size or shape, the Bell Clamp works hard in either cargo holds or factories.
For Loading Paper Rolls
Paper Roll Clamp

*Big Power and excellent function, ideal for paper roll carriage
Designed for paper roll work, the Paper Roll Clamp is strong and allows for the quick carriage of heavy paper rolls with its firm grip. Its outstanding features include the ability to load heavy freights, a full 360 degree rotation function and other functions, making cargo loading safer and faster. The Paper Roll Clamp is perfect for places such as paper factories, cardboard factories and paper-processing factories.
For Carriage with Frequent Loading and Unloading
Hinged Fork

*Three functionalities for wide-load operations such as timber, steel pipe, gravel and scrap carriage
The Hinged Fork is designed to combine three separate functionalities of hinge, bucket and pallet carriage. Capable of handling cargos of different sizes, weight and shapes, another excellent feature of the Hinged Fork is its 1-cylinder and 2-cylinder functionalities.
Rotating Fork

*Double benefits of rotation and pallet operations
Capable of rotating 360 degrees continuously, the Rotating Fork with its box pallet and bucket operations increases efficiency for carrying a wide-range of loads from raw materials to scraps. Its horizontal setting can be used in pallet operations of finished product carriage. The Rotating Fork is dynamic with its strength and double functionalities.
For Loading Items that Easily Collapse

Load Stabilizer

*Help stabilizing cargos by pressing them, available in various types to fulfill your needs
Help stabilizing items like pin, ball case and cardboard by pressing them down from the surface. Enabling smooth carriage even on sloping or uneven roads, resulting in speedy operations without collapse. Available in standard and specific types for different kinds and conditions of the freight. Ideal for accurate and effective carriage of important cargos.

*Cargo stabilization through downward pressure, available in all types and sizes to fit your needs
Stabilizes items such as pins, ball cases and cardboards by pressing them down from top, allowing for smooth and easy carriage even on slopes or uneven surfaces and quick operations without the worry of collapse. Available in standard and special specifications for all types of freight. Ideal for efficient and effective carriage of important cargos.

For Loading in Areas with Low Ceilings or Doors
2-stage Full Free Mast

*Full loading even in places with low ceilings
The Full Free Mast is equipped with large amounts of free lift that extends the vehiclefs reach while still maintaining its height. Ideal for warehouses, cargo ships and containers with low ceilings. The mast can be fully-stretched without hitting the ceiling.
3-stage Full Free Mast

*Tall mast that passes low doors easily
Despite its low height, the Full Free Mast can be extended up to three levels. Ideal for operations in warehouse with low doors but high ceilings. The full free function allows the mast to easily extend close to the ceiling. The wide range stretching ability makes this mast ideal for a wide range of operation from low to high areas.
For Loading Long and Wide Cargos
Wide Carriage

*Expandable back rest and adjustable fork space
The Wide Carriage is ideal for the shipping of timber, plywood and container as well as items that are light-weight and wide girth, extra long freight and wide pallet.
For Loading Various Types of Items
Slider Fork

*Increase effectiveness with flexible fork
This hydraulic Slider Fork can be controlled from the driver seat to stretch or shrink the forkfs reach, allowing for the grabbing of large but light-weight freights, retrieving items stored in inner shelves and unloading cargos in the inner-part of the truck tray. Its shrinking functionality also allows the Slider fork to operate in narrow places with minimum turning radius.
Turner Fork

*Comes with 360 degrees rotation function and fork clamp
The functionality of fork and clam operation in one forklift, the Turner fork is designed for powerful carriage of various types of freights in places such as harbors.
For Effective Loading
4-Forklift Wide Carriage (with Side Shift)

*Allows simultaneous two-pallet carriage and side shifting
Increases efficiency and effectiveness for loading and unloading to trucks with the ability to carry two light pallets at once. The side shift function allows for easy-adjustment of cargo position.
For Lower Cost and More Efficiency

*Sheet pallet that increases efficient pallet carriage, cutting storage costs
Made from cardboard or plastic, the sheet pallet is designed to fit under the cargo, can be pushed onto or pulled from the loading area. Compared with the wooden pallet, this sheet pallet is cheaper, lighter and thinner | thereby reducing cargo space, need for wood pallet disinfection and eliminates the need to store empty pallets. This push-pull system is frequently used in foods, home appliances, fertilizer and agricultural industries.
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