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Logistics Machinery(Machinery Examples)
Stacker Forklift
Compact and light, this forklift fitted with an outrigger can make tight turns and allow easy carriage even on narrow storage spaces.
Low Lift
Battery-powered, this hand pallet is perfect for long distance or heavy lifting that is difficult for traditional hand pallets.
Hand Pallet
Suitable for places that require horizontal pallet carriage and lift operations, this machine is available in both manual and battery-powered varieties.
Electric Flat Car
With driving wheel and self-running ability, this car can be easily controlled for comfortable carriage.
Lift Flat Car
Equipped with lifter and carrier functions in one car, this machine is ideal for assembly and processing lines.
The tractor is designed to tow large and heavy cargo. Available in both stand-driving and sit-driving models.
Drum Carrier
The drum carrier can handle drums that are difficult to maneuver easily and safely. It is ideal for drum operations.
Table Lift
A versatile elevating machine, the table lift is available in a variety of sizes.  Ideal for use in factories and warehouses.
Picking Form
Versatile elevating machine for small item gathering and storage in high storage areas.
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