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Vehicle Management Services
Suggestions on Forklift Management Services
Amidst the strong impact of the world’s financial crisis on every sector of the economy, the improvement of logistics management effectiveness has become key to a company’s competitiveness. The more forklifts your company owns, the more essential it is for you to understand vehicle control and safety. As your company’s forklift usage level increases, it is easy to imagine that in order to increase the effectiveness in forklift management, that outsourcing may be become a possibility in order to increase your company’s competitiveness.
車輛管理サービス 車輛管理サービス
Thai-Lian Forklift, as a leading forklift distribution company in Thailand, offers several proposal solutions for the improvement of operational performance, management costs reduction and safety operations for the customer.
Is your company encountering problems like these?
Difficulty managing increasing forklift costs.
Difficulty in finding reliable skilled-forklift mechanic.
Problems in repairing your own forklifts due to increasingly complicated forklift types and functions.
The increasing diversification of forklift operations may require more and more new operational safety know-hows, making it more difficult to have “just-in-time” safety trainings.
Having problems staying current on the forklift safety training in order to prevent work-related injuries.
Thai-Lian Forklift offers you the following proposal solutions:
Example Menus
Suggestions on cash flow improvement and fixed vehicle costs reduction
Suggestions on forklift operation data analysis and calculation of appropriate forklift quantity
Suggestions on understanding on-site operation, ability analysis and suitable vehicle models
Suggestions on integrated management services for vehicles of each make and model
Suggestions on maintenance cost reduction and accident prevention
Suggestions on safety training and cargo handling competition
Suggestions on periodical safety check
Other suggestions
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