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Trusted and reliable customer service
We have a wide choice, whether it is a car that uses gas, LPG, used car batteries or cars that use diesel fuel with either hand SUMITOMO, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, UNICARRIERS, KOMATSU, TAILIFT and many others
lease or buy. Whether new or used cars will be serviced Maintenance
And professional after-sales care
All sales are supported by well-trained technicians, including spare parts.
To provide fast service to reduce the work time of
30 years of the trust of the company created through customers whether Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Europe

Forklifts for sale, rent, repair, including maintenance services And training for those who use it

With new forklifts And over 500 used forklifts to service And has 12 branches and service centers nationwide

No. 1 in quality, durability, reliability and satisfaction

We are official distributors. For many leading brands

Special promotion for safety training.
Free !!!Training for all customers To increase safety and reduce accidents

Fast Response And Service According To Customer Needs

Special sales offers and contracts regarding Service to meet every customer's need
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