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Company Introduction

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Company Introduction A Letter from our Managing Director

Our goal is to be the forklift company whose hardware and services you trust.

A message from our President

First established in Bangkok in 1988, our company began as a provider of forklift services, before becoming the Thai-Lian Group of companies in January 1989. We were appointed as the sole distributor for Shinko Electric (now SUMITOMO NACCO Forklift) in Thailand in 1990, and we continue to be such sole distributor to the present day.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we have been able to achieve a high-level of satisfaction among our customers by focusing on safety, trust, speed, and expertise. In doing so, we pride ourselves in being able to provide dedicated solutions that best answer our customers’ needs. Our customer-focused philosophy has resulted in our company gaining a large customer base among Japanese companies here in Thailand, in addition to local Thai, European, American, and Chinese companies. Presently, our customers have trusted us to help them with the operation and maintenance of more than 6,000 forklifts. To this, we are appreciative of our customers’ trust.

As a promise, we shall continue to hold customer satisfaction as our first priority through high quality products and services, and we shall continue to be the company that will always tackle any problem from our customers’ points of view.

I appreciate your support and look forward to better serve your needs in the future.

Managing Director Alex Lin