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Full maintenance lease

Full maintenance lease

1 No down payment, you can easily ride a new car.

2 The future maintenance fee is all included, and the monthly payment is completed with a certain amount.

3 With maintenance, you can easily keep the forklift truck in a safe condition.


Are you encountering problems like this?

  • Your forklifts have become old and outdated, resulting in increasing safety, operational and maintenance cost problems. You would like to buy new vehicles but you are unsure if the vehicles could help increase productivity.
  • Due to increasing operation demand, forklifts are suddenly required. But you cannot immediately purchase these vehicles because your budget has not yet been allocated.
  • You would like to manage your capital more effectively and want to avoid any investments that would lead to fixed expenses.
  • You feel forklift inspection, adjustment and maintenance are troublesome and costly.
  • Your company demands better forklift operational support.

Advantages of Leasing

Effective capital management

  • Few monthly expenses without needing to allocate a large sum of money to purchase vehicles.
  • Expenses can be managed as cost.
  • Manage expenses effectively and avoid fixed expenses.


Specialized Technical Service Support

  • Periodical inspection and full maintenance with emphasis on malfunction and accident prevention.
  • Forklifts are always safe and ready for use.


Increased Vehicle Management Efficiency

  • Ability for better forklift maintenance.
  • Ability for better forklift management.

Our Proposed Plan: Maintenance Leasing

  • Replace old forklifts with new ones; increase on-site operation efficiency and safety.
  • Few monthly expenses and effective capital management.
  • Fix monthly maintenance costs.
  • Better forklift management.
  • Specialized technical service support.
  • Forklifts are always safe and ready for use.